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time-lapse video of the solar field Senftenberg, provided by Phoenix Solar


Peak performance by KRINNER

The Matterhorn offered an impressive backdrop for the use of the patented KRINNER Ground Screws. At almost 3,000 meters above sea level the ground screws were screwed in for the temporary base camp on the Matterhorn: fast, precise and 100% environmentally friendly.


Greenhouse built near Bologna provides clean solar power

Budrio. In Northern Italy, near Bologna, a greenhouse covering 10,000 m² was built on Krinner ground screws at the end of November 2011. This innovative product combined economy with ecology – photovoltaic modules on the roof of the greenhouse produce electricity from clean solar energy at a power of 680 KWp.


Thuringia's largest solar farm stands on KRINNER ground screws

The largest solar farm in the German state Thuringia delivers 10.5 million kilowatt-hours, which is enough electricity to supply some 2,500 four-person households. 10,108 ground screws were installed to hold the frames for the modules coming from investor and module manufacturer Masdar PV. The entire plant was built in only six weeks, not only due to KRINNER's efficient project management.
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Ground Screws – a supporting pillar for nature

 KRINNER The Ground Screws have established themselves as an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete foundations. These screws can be used in many different ways, as two tree rehabilitation projects demonstrate. At the Canitz waterworks and at the old cemetery in Trebsen, trees that are hundreds of years old were able to be supported and preserved thanks to the innovation from KRINNER.
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KRINNER The Ground Screw grows rapidly throughout Europe and the world

In order to expand our market leadership in professional ground screw foundations and solar systems beyond Europe, KRINNER The Ground Screw has repositioned itself internationally. We are expanding with our own representatives throughout North America and Canada, Europe, South-East Asia, and the Gulf region.
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One of the largest solar plants in the world stands on ground screw foundations in Senftenberg.

One of Germany's largest solar plants was established in Senftenberg, Brandenburg. KRINNER was the producer and service provider for several EPCs and investors in this venture.
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Five tree houses in the amusement park Tripsdrill are built on KRINNER ground screws.

Out of kindness to nature, the operators of the amusement park and owners of the tree houses and stilt houses opted for KRINNER ground screw foundations.
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KRINNER ground screws secure floating piers in Lake Urisee during floods.

What makes lake Urisee in Reutte, Tyrol, special is that it has no inflow or outflow of water.
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Fall protection on a steep slope anchored by KRINNER ground screws.

A fall protection measure erected for maintenance work was anchored onto a 60° slope with the help of KRINNER ground screws.
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