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Leibertingen, Germany

Despite an early winter, this plant was built from November
until the end of 2010 – at 750m above sea level on a former
rubble dump.
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Leibertingen, Deutschland

Auf 750 m über NN wurde von November bis Ende 2010 trotz frühen Wintereinbruchs diese Anlage auf einer ehemaligen Bauschuttdeponie errichtet.
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Greenhouse provides clean solar power

Budrio. In Northern Italy, near Bologna, a greenhouse covering 10,000 m² was built on Krinner ground screws at the end of November 2011. This innovative product combined economy with ecology.


Stairs in Ulsan Grand Park, South Korea

These stairs in South Korea were built in April 2010 on 273 KRINNER ground screws, model G3 66x700.
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Jetties on water

In the municipality of Kloten, in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland, an animal and bird-watching platform was built on KRINNER ground screws. The fourteen KSF PV 4 76 x 2000 ground screws were installed at a water depth of 1.3 m.
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Traffic circle art

In Klosters, Switzerland, two traffic circles were adorned with an artist's figures. Fastened down by five KRINNER ground screws, they now embellish the streetscape.
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A new home for FC Lucerne

The old stadium of soccer club FC Lucerne had to be torn down to make way for the new "Swissporarena".
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Garden table

Fixed by KRINNER Switzerland with KRINNER ground screws series K.
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Sun shades

KRINNER Austria in Innsbruck fixed sun shades with KRINNER ground screws.
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The awnings were fixed with KRINNER ground screws  series K by Aeronautec.
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35 days from start of construction to commissioning

Due to strong demand, CWA Constructions in Olten, Switzerland, urgently needed a new assembly hall for cabin building. It didn't take them long to decide to build the entire building on screw foundations. 66 ground screws were installed within only 2 ½ days.


Hall and container construction in the Czech Republic

KRINNER CZ built this module construction on Stvanice Island in the Czech Republic on six M24 76x2000 ground screws.
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Green house

The green house was built on KRINNER ground screws series M.
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2-storey school

KRINNER Switzerland in Stadt Chur (Switzerland) inserted a total of 400 ground screws to support 5 school modules of the canton
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Thuringia's largest solar farm

The largest solar farm in the German state Thuringia delivers 10.5 million kilowatt-hours, which is enough electricity to supply some 2,500 four-person households.
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