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"Project Gänsdorf", Germany

We realized one of the largest solar farms woldwide in Lower Bavaria in no more than four months of construction time. Its surface area is that of about 270 football fields and it generates up to 54 megawatt.
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Thuringia's largest solar farm

The largest solar farm in the German state Thuringia delivers 10.5 million kilowatt-hours, which is enough electricity to supply some 2,500 four-person households.
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Carlino, Italy

The difficult and soft soil required special foundations.
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Leibertingen, Germany

Despite an early winter, this plant was built from November
until the end of 2010 – at 750m above sea level on a former
rubble dump.
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Leiwen, Germany

Difficult soil, layers of slate 20 to 80cm deep below ground
level. All foundations had to be pre-rammed.
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Melbourne, Australia

In Victoria near Melbourne, more than 480 ground screws
were installed in for Australia rather soft loamy soil with
the utmost precision.
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Sault ste Marie, Canada

KRINNER Solarsystems installed more than 30,000 specially
built special foundations with welded plates for the difficult
soft and sometimes craggy soil: a customized solution
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Schwarzhof, Germany

It didn‘t even take one month to install 7,406 ground screws
in Ponholz, Upper Palatinate. Neither the difficult terrain
nor ground frost in December put the project at risk.
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Senftenberg, Germany

With the Flex III-2 P FS6 system, the installation of this solar farm
on the site of a former brown coal open-face mine only took
two months. The thin-layer project put this recultivated area to a
really good use.
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Southern Spain

The foundations of the CSP plant in southern Spain
consisted of 960 KRINNER ground screws.
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Veprek, Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, we built the country‘s largest solar
farm. With 185,760 solar modules on 23,578 ground screws,
it is one of the 20 largest worldwide.
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Foundation construction in Greece with about 900 foundations.
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Executed by our partner Fedi Impianti.
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Philadelphia, USA

Executed by our partner Innotec Trading in Canada.
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Tagewerben, Germany

2.4 MWp Photovoltaic installation (5-row) in Tagewerben with thin-layer modules
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2.3 MWp 2-row photovoltaic support in Spain.
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Photovoltaic supports in Spain. Executed by our partner Mecanova.
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The 1. photovoltaic open-space installation in Belgium was built with KRINNER ground screws and assembly systems.
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Strasskirchen, Germany

1.088 MWp photovoltaic open-space installation at KRINNER’s site in Strasskirchen.
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Foundation construction, Spain

Foundation construction for about 1,680 tracking installations in Spain
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Hettenkofen, Germany

Despite adverse weather conditions, KRINNER and highly efficient companies and staff finished the first part of that solar farm in only four weeks
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